Why Hire a Tax Whistleblower Attorney?

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While you may have significant information about tax underpayments that could be very helpful to the IRS, the real question is whether you can get the maximum impact out of your information. A lawyer, especially a lawyer with experience involving tax, corporate finance, accounting-related issues, and whistleblower cases can help you to do several important things:

  • Identify the tax underpayment shown in your information
  • Identify other types of tax underpayments you were unaware of
  • Package your information in a way that the IRS understands and can use
  • Focus your submission on the critical facts
  • Protect your identity

If you have little or no tax experience, you may have difficulty in articulating your whistleblower claim. Likewise, even if you are a seasoned tax professional, persuading the IRS that the information you are providing has merit and should be pursued is not an easy thing to accomplish.

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If your submission is considered a less than substantial contribution you could still be entitled to a smaller reward—but considering the risks you have taken in coming forward, why take that chance? Instead, have a tax whistleblower lawyer identify the critical facts and hone your quality information beforehand to avoid a less than satisfactory award determination later on. You have done the hard part by finding the initial underpayment; a good tax lawyer can help you identify areas of underpayment that you may not have realized. Just as with an IRS audit, there are big issues and little issues. Just because you have found a big issue does not mean you should submit just that information. Additional claims, regardless of how large or small they may be relative to the initial information, mean additional potential for reward.

Congress itself expected that tax whistleblowers will benefit from the assistance of competent counsel in submitting their information about tax underpayments to the IRS Whistleblower Office. For that reason, Congress made payments of attorney's fees deductible by the whistleblower against the reward income they receive.

Something else to consider: Do you really want to spend your time dealing with the IRS and risking exposure to your employer if the IRS wants further assistance during the audit? A lawyer can act as your representative, providing the first line of contact and handling those matters that do not require your direct participation. Let our firm worry about dealing with the IRS.

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