Abusive Tax Shelters

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Whether you work in the investment banking industry or in the tax and accounting department of a multinational conglomerate, hiring a lawyer and stepping forward with information about an individual or corporate taxpayer’s participation in an abusive tax shelter could enable you to receive a significant portion of recovered taxes and penalties under the IRS's new tax whistleblower statute.

If you have information about an individual or corporation's abusive tax shelter practices, contact Lynam Knott P.A. to speak to attorneys with experience in all aspects of tax shelter controversies.

Lynam Knott P.A. represents U.S. and foreign citizens in reporting large-scale tax underpayments to the IRS. Many of these underpayments are a result of abusive tax shelter practices and the use of questionable transactions with little or no business purpose.

If you have been approached by a tax shelter promoter you may have a tax whistleblower claim. Even if you or your company did not "invest" in the tax shelter, your information about the proposed transaction and the promoter could help the IRS identify taxpayers who did "invest." Do not let your potential award go unclaimed.

Below are some of the more common tax shelter and transactional abuses engaged in by corporations and wealthy individuals identified by the IRS. This list is not the last word on abusive tax shelters, if you have information on new transactions, even transactions that were not ultimately implemented, contact us. The listed transactions include:

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